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Emma Watson
  • Popularity: 13.435
  • Birthday: 1990-04-15
  • Place of bitrhday: Paris, France
  • Known For: Acting
  • Also Known As: Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson, Эмма Уотсон, 엠마 왓슨, Emma Vatsone, 艾玛·沃森, 艾玛·夏洛特·杜尔热·沃森, Έμμα Σάρλοτ Ντουέρ Γουάτσον, Έμμα Γουάτσον, إيما واتسون

Most Popular Movies by Emma Watson

Ballet Shoes 1970
Colonia 1970
Beauty and the Beast 1970
The Circle 1970
Regression 1970
Noah 1970
The Bling Ring 1970
The Tale of Despereaux 1970
Little Women 1970
My Week with Marilyn 1970
This Is the End 1970
The Red Pill 1970